About Us



Born and grew up in Chicago, ILL. until 9 years of age, moved to North Carolina & attended Eastern North Carolina school for the deaf in Wilson, NC until 8th grade then moved to North Carolina school​ for the deaf in Morganton, NC and decided to follow his father's footstep. Morris attended the Guilford Technical Community College for Automotive Mechanic and Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicle Preventive Maintenance and graduated in 1991. He has been an ASE certified mechanic for 20 years, and has an TPAA ( Towing & Recovery Association of America) certification, and is currently the President of DTU. Morris has been in towing industry since he was 15 years old, and still doing so for 35+ years with a big tow truck. He has a son (third generation tow truck driver) and a grandson. During his days off, he enjoys fishing, camping, ATVing, range shooting, old classic fast cars, drag racing and NASCAR. 



 Grew up in LaCrosse, Wisconsin area. Attended the Gallaudet University for one semester, then attended Western Tech College for Diesel Mechanic and graduated. Then went to WTC for CDL and succeeded. David "Duke" has been an 18 wheelers truck driver for 25+ years, traveling mostly south and west coast. He team drives with his lovely wife, Suzie and has 2 beautiful step-children that he loves. During his spare time, he likes to hunt deer, snowmobiling, and riding the Harley. David "Duke" has been involved with Deaf Truckers United since 2012 and his position in DTU is currently an Vice President. 



Grew up in the Fox Valley City area in Wisconsin. During her senior year in high school, she attended Tech School for CNA and succeeded to become the first hard of hearing to become an CNA graduated, and worked into a nursing home right after graduation. Suzie have two beautiful grown children and is married to David "Duke", who is also an 18 wheeler truck driver. Been an housewife for 20+ years, till 2016, she attended Fox Valley Tech School to obtain CDL and graduated, making her to become the first deaf female CDL holder in her state of Wisconsin and 9th deaf female trucker Nationwide. She is currently team driving with her husband and loving it. Suzie is the Secretary of DTU (Deaf Truckers United) since 2014. During spare time, she likes to tag along hunting with her husband, family camping, snowmobiling and riding their Harley. 



 Born and raised in North Texas.  Her vision for the purpose of DTU Administration is to guide the people in social media about Deaf Truckers United is to convince the people that we can become a truck driver. Her passion is to help people to get their dreams become a reality on driving a big truck because her husband had a few road bumps to obtain CDL back in 2012 due with his deafness. She loves to meet new people from the trucking industry. During her spare time, she like hiking, painting, photography, camping, and traveling. She is happily married to her husband who happens is one of the deaf truck drivers and we have a sweet dog and kitten.  She is a DTU Advocate since April 2012. 



 I fell in love with trucking since 1999 after I took 4 week course and started trucking career as a trucker driver back in 2000. I was born and bred in Colorado. Born in Denver and moved a few times but still ended up back to Colorado.  I have 5 beautiful kids. I love to go hiking, and snowboarding and ice climbing as much as time allows since I'm always on the road.  I'm very adventurous and outdoorsy type of a guy.  ATV is also another favorite thing to do with my friends.  I try to watch the Denver Broncos as much as possible since I'm a HUGE fan of em BRONCOS!!!  When I'm at home, and Broncos are playing, everyone usually come over my place and have BBQ and watch the game.    



 Born and raised as a country boy in Texas. Graduated high school in '96 at the Texas School for the Deaf. Attended Construction Equipment Training under the Texas A&M University system where he completed training in operating heavy equipment, commercial driving, and mechanic. He has been working in a mine/construction company for 20+ years as a heavy equipment operator/hauling eq. truck driver. Enjoys hunting & fishing, horse training/riding, camping and traveling with his family of three. Happily married and raising a young daughter with wife since 2011. One of the earliest members that fought for the deaf truckers with DTU founders and has been a constant supporter of DTU since February 2011.  



Born and raised in Aurora, Illinois. My first experience that got me interested and hooked into Semi trucks was, when I was a little boy, our neighbor let me inside his semi and blow the air horn, and every time we go on vacation, whenever I see a semi truck, I always do the hand motion for the air horn to be blown. Now I’m doing the same whenever I see a young kid ask for hand motion for air horn, granting their wishes. In 2000, I succeeded to obtain my CDL from school in Indianapolis, Indiana. Then in 2001, moved to Tennessee with my wife and 4 children. First company I worked for was M.S. Carrier, which was later brought by Swift Company, for couple of months till I switch jobs to Autozone in 2003 to current. This past July 2017, I have had achieved and been rewarded for 1 million safety miles driving. In my free time, I like to ride on my motorcycle.



 Grew up in Wisconsin. Have trucking blood from my grandfather, who used to own 5 trucks as well, my half cousins, and also in my dad. While growing up, I often tagged along with my dad on his truck routes for 13 years and fell in love with trucking. When my dad passed away, the tag along ended, but didn’t end my dream to become a trucker. After I turned 21 years old, I tried to pass the hearing test but was unsuccessful. Still determined to fulfill my dream, 16 yrs later and an cochlear implant, I finally achieved my dream to become a trucker, now for 5+years, and an owner operator. Am happily married with 5 lovely children. 



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