• Deaf Trucker of the month

    Morris Townsend: Deaf tow truck driver

    Life of a Deaf Tow Truck Driver on the road

    Scott Friede's Open Letter

    Expressing on my concerns of Deaf Truck Drivers' safety

    Randall Doane: On Trucking Social Media

    Randall Doane of Deaf Truckers United discusses the former TDSMC Convention and the benefits of Trucking Social Media

    Jennifer Valentine: Sand Frac Hauler

    An oilfield deaf female truck driver, has A to Z trucking experience like everyone else. She has more than 10 years of trucking industry experience.

    Scott Friede: How to become a truck driver

    Scott shares the common FAQs on becoming a truck driver

    Website Articles

    Lesley O'Rorke: Rock Falls

    Born deaf, Lesley O’Rorke dreams of a life over the road, driving a semitrailer – not just for himself, but for all those who have been told they can’t.​

    James Hanson: Amarillo College Student

    Amarillo College student James Hanson is not letting a disability shatter his dreams of life on the open road.

    Sandy Sloat: Lady Trucker from Texas

    Sandy Sloat Becomes 1st Deaf Female of Texas to Graduate in Truck Driving

    Suzie Helgerson: Lady Trucker from Wisconsin

    Deaf woman becomes first in Wisconsin with a CDL

    Priscilla Smith Brackenridge: Lady Trucker from Illinois

    Deaf female trucker from Aurora ready to hit the road

    Morris Townsend: Tow Truck Driver from North Carolina

    Winston-Salem truck driver pursues career despite his lack of hearing

    New Mexico man deaf truck driver to receive CDL in the state

     A hearing-impaired man has become the first deaf truck driver to receive his Commercial Driver’s License in New Mexico, fulfilling his lifelong dream. 

    Illinois Deaf Truck Driver received a perfect score

    "CDL program students are tested at each level, given points for errors with a maximum of 12. Homon scored no points, a first in the program’s history. Even more impressive is that he accomplished it without being able to hear. "

    Spokane Community College graduates deaf commercial truck driver

     Justin Brooks became the first deaf student to graduate from Spokane Community College’s commercial driving program