1. Apply an application for the hearing exemption  (all of PDF downloads are located at bottom)

  • Hearing Waiver Application (this is the application form) 
  • Specific documents to attach your application (this request is a necessary to process your application or it will be tossed out) 
  • Read a sample hearing waiver application form, it is your guideline of filling out the application (a guideline shows you how to apply)

  1. Meanwhile waiting on the exemption in the mail, go to Department of Motor Vehicles to get a CDL study guide, study for General Knowledge and Air Brake exams, and pass it to get CDL permit before enrolling into a truck driving school.  
  2. Attempt to contact your nearby Vocational Rehabilitation office to open a case to assist with your tuition, interpreters as they may help pay for your DOT exam.  
  3. Search a CDL driving school that willing to teach a deaf student. ( Truck Driving Schools)
  4. The procedure will take up to 180 days to get the waiver. Make sure you keep in touch with FMCSA office over the waiver updates, don't sit and wait till you get it in the mail after 180 days!

  • For renewals-  
  • To renew: include a copy of your recent 3 years driving record, a copy of your CDL front and back, copy of current hearing waiver, DOT medical long form and filled Medical Release form; email to Christine Hydock
    • Turn your paperwork in within 3-4 MONTHS IN ADVANCE before your waiver expiration date. 
    • To check on your waiver status, contact them or check on the website they provided to you.


 The Federal Diabetes and Vision Exemption Programs have specific requirements, as well as requests for hearing and seizure exemptions.  These requests may include medical exams, employment history, driving experience and motor vehicle records which must be submitted with the application. The Agency will make a final decision within 180 days of receipt of the complete application.